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Product Overview

EAROS is pleased to introduce EAROS Sport, a product engineered in collaboration with ROKiT Group. ROKiT started its journey as a people-focused technology company and quickly diversified to provide a wide range of innovative technologies, premium products, and pioneering services. With the many verticals in motorsports and beyond we believe in coming together and joining forces to address what we know to be one of the most important and health threatening crises of our generation! We're bringing you EAROS Sport, our latest addition to the EAROS mission-driven product line. Our patented technology is engineered to provide high fidelity hearing protection, designed for sports teams, sporting events, gaming and sports lovers alike. You can now enjoy yourself in any sporting event, whether it be at the racetrack, arena, stadium, spin class, workout bootcamp, or even if you're an avid motorcycle enthusiast without the unpleasant consequences of damaging your hearing and keeping your balance and equilibrium intact.

Our technology is designed and engineered to deliver you a safe listening experience. EAROS Sport achieved an NRR rating of 20dB in independent testing.

EAROS Sport's sleek in-ear shape provides a perfect fit for superior comfort and style with our patented concha tab which locks EAROS Sport in place. So you can stay focused and engaged for longer periods of time. EAROS utilizes a sustainable medical-grade (TPE) Thermoplastic Elastomer in a sexy sleek red for that sporty look and feel.

For your team: Protect hearing, increase productivity, raise morale, support (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility, and mitigate litigation risk.

For your customers: Protect hearing, keep them engaged longer, wearing a medically safe, a highly engineered passive device, and stylish product while offering an enhanced and more enjoyable experience.

Sounds like a good idea? EAROS Sport is a disruptive and innovative device for all loud fitness and sporting events, the ultimate in-ear protection technology on the market.

Protect Your Ears

Avoid the side effects of loud environments by protecting your ears. Research indicates that millions of Americans working and attending sports arenas suffer from ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and NIHL (Noise-Induced Hearing Loss), which contribute to long-term health issues. EAROS SPORT is manufactured in a leading medical device facility in the USA, ensuring we can offer you a product quality guarantee.

Increase productivity

Excellent communication goes a long way in helping a team work together towards a win. Designed for success, EAROS SPORT provides high-fidelity hearing protection so that you and your team can focus on the goal without unnecessary noise distractions. Easy to carry, they're portable and compact so that you can have them with you at all times.

Enhance the experience

Immerse yourself in your favorite sporting event through a superior listening experience. Our one-of-a-kind patented technology refines sound quality by removing the loudness, so that you can hear the full spectrum of sound frequencies without the noise and with all the enjoyment.


Custom-built design engineered for winners


Fashionable and elegant design that compliments the shape of your ear so that you look good and feel confident at every sporting event.


A good fit goes a long way. Completely give yourself to the experience and forget they're even there, with a unique shape that allows for a snug in-ear fit.


Safety that never compromises on clarity. Filter out the noise but still enjoy the experience across all the frequencies. Hear what you want to hear - on a comfortable level.


Spare your ears from dangerously high decibel levels with 20dB coverage. EAROS is the only place you can buy advanced patented ear protection technology. It's designed and engineered by us, just for you.