Which EAROS is right for you?

  • High-Fidelity

    Preserves clarity of sound

  • 17-20 dB NRR

    Noise Reduction Rating

  • Comfortable Secure Fit

    Locks into place to ensure effectiveness

  • Sleek Design

    No need to compromise your personal style

  • Washable & Reusable

    Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth

  • Patented Technology

    Our technology is the only of its kind

  • 100-Day Return Policy

  • Made in the USA


Crafted by a team of audio and design experts, EAROS preserves your auditory experience with cutting-edge passive technology, delivering premium sound and protection—no batteries or charging needed.

How EAROS Works

Patented Serpentine Sound Bore

We've precisely engineered the sound bore to preserve pristine fidelity, ensuring you experience the full spectrum of sound frequencies, just as your ears perceive it.

Acoustic Filter

Our internal acoustic filter reduces the harmful decibels entering your ear canal, ensuring a safe and enjoyable listening experience.

Patented Concha Tab

Our patented concha tab is designed to keep your EAROS in place, ensuring peak performance.

As Featured In

  • Rated #1: The Best Earplugs for Musicians

    "Once you place these earplugs in your ear, you’ll hardly notice that they are there."

    Rolling Stone
  • "This is the first hearing protection you will actually want to wear."

  • "The stabilizing wings make these earplugs feel as though they’ll stay in place regardless of your movement."

    New York Times
  • "This is a product I have been using since it's first prototype four years ago, I have several pairs of these... EAROS ONE is one of my preferred earplug options"

    Peter Attia, MD
  • "EAROS acoustic filters protect ears without compromising sound quality."

  • "The best hearing protection for audio engineers and live sound professionals."

  • "EAROS delivers superior noise reduction without sacrificing sound quality."

  • Voted "Best concert earplugs for versatile use"

    Health News
  • "With a stylish aesthetic and a snug fit, the Earos One earplugs are a pleasure to wear. More importantly, they'll protect your ears without muffling your music."

    Louder Sound
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EAROS is available in select locations