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  • "Once you place these in your ear, you'll hardly notice that they are there."

  • "This is the first hearing protection you will actually want to wear."

    New York Times
  • "EAROS acoustic filters protect ears without compromising sound quality."
  • "The best hearing protection for audio engineers and live sound professionals."

  • "EAROS delivers superior noise reduction without sacrificing sound quality."
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Not your daddy's earplugs

High Fidelity Experience

Introducing EAROS — a seamless fusion of high fidelity filters, effortless design, and engineering expertise.

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Recording Artist

EAROS has helped me maintain my focus on creating music without the distractions of ambient noise. Its comfortable design means I can wear them for extended periods in the studio without any discomfort or irritation.

Carmin Jorda

Nascar Racer

EAROS provides the perfect balance between noise reduction and situational awareness. They protect my hearing from the roar of the engines, while still allowing me to communicate with my team effectively during races.

Tara Harder


I am thankful for the protection EAROS offers against the damaging noise of the wind and engine, while still hearing clearly. Their comfortable fit means I can enjoy long rides without worrying about any swelling or discomfort.

Michelle Cruz


I appreciate the peace and quiet that EAROS brings when I need a moment of solitude amidst the chaos of daily life. Whether I'm taking a break from my kids' noisy play or catching up on work, EAROS helps me find the focus I need.

Chris Edwards


I'm constantly on the move and in various environments. EAROS's noise reduction capabilities have been invaluable during important conference calls or when I need to concentrate on my work in a busy setting.

Medical-grade Noise Reduction for

How EAROS protects hearing

Revolutionary Hearing Protection

Offering an exceptionally comfortable fit, allowing for extended wear without irritation, all while showcasing a modern and stylish aesthetic.

Patented Filtering Technology

EAROS employs cutting-edge engineering technology by MIT engineers to deliver optimal noise reduction and sound quality.

New Standard in Hearing Protection

EAROS isn't just about hearing protection; it's about enhancing your auditory experience in every aspect: Comfort for prolonged use, stylish aesthetics that blend seamlessly with your style, and top-notch noise filtering technology for perfect sound clarity.

Endorsed by Trendsetters

Trusted by celebrities and motorsport racers, EAROS combines unmatched filtering performance with ultimate comfort.

How people are using EAROS

  • Nightlife Enthusiasts

  • Musicians & Singers

  • Festivals & Concerts

  • Bands & Performers

  • Motorcycle Riding

Party all night with confidence, knowing your hearing is protected – the ultimate companion for nightlife lovers seeking style and performance.

Stay in tune and keep your ears safe – a perfect harmony of cutting-edge design and exceptional hearing protection for musicians and singers.

Immerse yourself in the music without compromising your hearing – experience the festival and concert scene like never before with unparalleled protection.

Rock on stage while safeguarding your most valuable asset – trust in exceptional sound quality and protection for bands and performers who live for the spotlight.

Ride the open road with confidence and style – experience the ultimate wind-noise reduction and hearing protection for those who live for the thrill of motorcycle riding.

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