High-Fidelity Hearing Protection

Stay safe in sound

Which EAROS is right for you?

EAROS preserves your auditory experience, delivering premium sound and protection.

No batteries or charging necessary.

  • High-Fidelity

    Preserves clarity of sound

  • 17-20 dB NRR

    Noise Reduction Rating

  • Comfortable Secure Fit

    Locks into place to ensure effectiveness

  • Sleek Design

    No need to compromise your personal style

  • Washable & Reusable

    Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth

  • Patented Technology

    Nothing else like it on the market

  • 100-Day Return Policy

  • Made in the USA

As Featured In

  • Rated #1: The Best Earplugs for Musicians

    "Once you place these earplugs in your ear, you’ll hardly notice that they are there."

    Rolling Stone
  • "This is the first hearing protection you will actually want to wear."

  • "The stabilizing wings make these earplugs feel as though they’ll stay in place regardless of your movement."

    New York Times
  • "This is a product I have been using since it's first prototype four years ago, I have several pairs of these... EAROS ONE is one of my preferred earplug options"

    Peter Attia, MD
  • "EAROS acoustic filters protect ears without compromising sound quality."

  • "The best hearing protection for audio engineers and live sound professionals."

  • "EAROS delivers superior noise reduction without sacrificing sound quality."

  • Voted "Best concert earplugs for versatile use"

    Health News
  • "With a stylish aesthetic and a snug fit, the Earos One earplugs are a pleasure to wear. More importantly, they'll protect your ears without muffling your music."

    Louder Sound
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EAROS is available in select locations