How does EAROS ONE high-fidelity hearing protection work?

We worked with top audiologists and vibration engineers from MIT to develop EAROS technology so that you can experience sound as you normally would, just at a lower decibel level. Rather than muffling and distorting the listening experience, EAROS are specially tuned to reduce noise while maintaining sound quality for a natural listening experience. Our proprietary, patented sound bore replicates how the inner ear resonates while providing 17+ dB of noise reduction and preserving full audio fidelity.

What makes EAROS acoustic filters so much better than traditional foam "earplugs"?

We spent multiple years designing, testing, and redesigning EAROS ONE to be the best high-fidelity hearing protection device on the market, and a far better solution for those who work in, and frequent loud recreational environments. The core product pillars that differentiate EAROS ONE from foam earplugs are as follows:

1) Sound Quality: Foam earplugs muffle and distort sound. EAROS acoustic filters maintain sound quality, allowing you to enjoy music, communicate with those around you and stay immersed in the sound.

2) Protection: While foam earplugs often have a high NRR rating, they can be quite difficult to insert properly, resulting in less protection than advertised. EAROS ONE has a unique “concha tab” that locks in place, ensuring proper depth of insertion so you can count on getting the protection you need.

3) Comfort: Foam earplugs are difficult to insert and have a high “occlusion effect” (feeling like you’re underwater). EAROS have a left-right orientation and are contoured to fit the shape of your ears comfortably. We use a soft, silicone-like material for the eartips to ensure there is no irritation even for extended uses.

4) Style: Foam earplugs stick out of your ears and are goofy-looking, compromising your personal style.  EAROS is a sleek, discreet product that looks more like a high-tech wearable than traditional hearing protection so you can be proud to be seen wearing it.

5) Sustainability: Earplugs are a single-use, disposable product that damages the environment every time you buy another pair. In fact, billions are produced and thrown away each year. EAROS, on the other hand, is a high-quality, durable, and reusable product that comes with a carrying pouch so you can reuse it many times over and help the environment.

Bottom line, EAROS ONE is not an earplug since it does not block sound, but rather filters out noise. After all, who wants to "plug" their ears while trying to enjoy an immersive sensory experience?

Where is EAROS ONE manufactured?

We manufacture the product at an ISO 9000 Certified facility in the USA (just outside New York City) using medical-grade materials.

Do they come in different sizes?

Yes! Each pair of EAROS ONE comes with two ear tip sizes, small and large (the small size is affixed when you receive it).

Do they come with a carrying case?

They sure do! You’ll find a handy carrying pouch at the bottom of the box so you can take your EAROS wherever you go.

What is the right way to insert and wear EAROS ONE?

You'll find a quick insert guide as well as full instructions inside the box, but wearing EAROS ONE is easy -- just Identify (left vs. right), insert, and twist to lock. Here's aquick videodemonstrating how the product looks when inserted and worn properly. You can also pull up and back on your ear with the opposite hand while inserting to help open the ear canal.

How long does EAROS ONE last?

Ear tips should be changed every 6-12 months depending on wear and tear. The main body should last around 2 years. We recommend cleaning the product regularly.

How do you clean them?

To clean your EAROS, we recommend removing the eartip and using a damp cloth or q-tip to clean it, ideally after each use.

How do I know it will fit in my ear?

EAROS is designed to fit most ears and it comes with small and large tip sizes. If you are having any trouble with your fit, please contact us atsupport@earos.com. We have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy.

Does EAROS ONE come with extra ear tips, and can I order additional?

Yes! Each pair of EAROS ONE comes with two ear tip sizes, small and large. We are currently working on selling ear tips separately. In the meantime, please email us atsupport@earos.com with any questions regarding your tip replacement.

How do I swap out tips?

To remove the small eartip (which is attached to the product when you receive it) simply hold the "concha tab" (the wing-shaped portion of the product with the slash mark on it) with one hand, and pull on the eartip with the other hand, and it should snap right off from the shaft. Don't worry about pulling too hard -- the product is highly durable so it won't break. To attach the large eartip, first make sure to identify the "Left" and "Right" tips, looking for the small "L" and "R" embossed in black on them. You'll then slide each tip onto the respective "Left" and "Right" shaft and keep sliding it and twisting it down until the embossed "L"/"R" on the tip is lined up with the "L"/"R" on the concha tab.

How well does EAROS stay in place?

EAROS ONE is designed to lock securely in your ear so it will not come loose even when you are dancing, chewing, and living an active lifestyle. The patented "concha tab" tucks flush against your ear to ensure the proper depth of insertion and prevent it from coming loose, unlike other products that stick straight out of your ears.

How pronounced is the "occlusion effect" with EAROS (i.e., hearing your own voice boom in your head when you talk)?

The “occlusion effect” is less pronounced with EAROS ONE than with other hearing protection devices. This is achieved by having a deeper insertion, which has been shown to lessen this effect.

How do I know if it’s loud enough to need EAROS?

Check out the free EAROS app for iPhone! The app measures the decibel level in your environment and provides guidance on how long you can safely remain there without EAROS and with EAROS. It is currently available for iPhone in the App Store (the Android version is undergoing an update currently — stay tuned for news on that).

Is there a battery or charger needed?

No batteries, charging, or electronics required! EAROS ONE uses passive technology and patented design to reduce the decibel level you experience in loud environments while providing a premium listening experience, so you can enjoy concerts, nightclubs, sporting events, and any loud environment in a safer, healthier way!

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