Which EAROS is Right for you?



    17 dB NRR*

    EAROS ONE strikes the perfect balance between protection and immersion.



    20 dB NRR*

    EAROS SPORT safeguards against excessive noise while preserving situational awareness.

  • Perfect For:

    • Concerts / Clubs
    • Musicians
    • Loud Bars
    • Parties
    • Conversing in loud environments
    • Movies
    • Focus / Studying
    • Commuting / Travel
  • Perfect for:

    • Motorcycling
    • Motorsports Races / Racing
    • Sports Arenas
    • Fitness Classes
    • Industrial Settings
    • Working with Machinery
    • Lawnmowing / Leafblowing
*Noise Reduction Rating. Actual nosie reduction may vary based on fit and individual ear anatomy. Please note it is important for the user to achieve a seal in order for the product to be effective.
Always check the sound levels of your environment to ensure the appropriate NRR of your chosen hearing protection.

Now Available:

We've collaborated with Hendrick Motorsports to introduce four distinct variants of our premium hearing protection solution, EAROS SPORT (20 dB NRR).