17 dB NRR*

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Designed with the passion for preserving your auditory experience, our first product strikes the perfect balance between protection and immersion and is ideal for the vibrant atmosphere of loud concerts, clubs, and more. EAROS One is a step above traditional earplugs. 

  • Perfect Protection:

    17 dB NRR*

  • Enhanced Hearing:

    Experience the full spectrum of sound, just as your ears do, but safer. Better than an earplug

  • Everyday Essential:

    Ideal for concerts, nightclubs, work, travel, movie theaters, home, or loud recreational environments

*Noise Reduction Rating. Actual noise reduction may vary based on fit and individual ear anatomy. Please note it is important for the user to achieve a seal in order for the product to be effective. Always check the sound levels of your environment to ensure the appropriate NRR of your chosen hearing protection.
    Package Includes
    • 1 set EAROS acoustic filters
    • 1 Set small triple-flanged ear tips
    • 1 set large triple-flanged ear tips
    • 1 set foam ear tips
    • 1 carrying case
    • 1 instruction manual
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    • 100-day return policy
      EAROS is better than traditional earplugs. EAROS hearing protection is designed by audiologists from MIT and made in the USA
      EAROS are semi-custom earplugs that come with a carrying pouch and two size inserts for your ears to make sure they are very comfortable
      Fashionable earplugs meant to be worn at concerts, nightclubs, or any loud environment
      • High-Fidelity Sound

        Hear every note with clarity

      • Communicate in Loud Environments

        Hear each other better than without EAROS

      • Help with Focus

        Eliminate distractions

      • 17 dB NRR

        Turns the vlume down just enough

      • Comfortable Secure Fit

        Locks in place for lasting performance

      • Sleek Design

        Don't sacrifice your personal Stype

      • Washable & Reusable

        Wipe clean with a damp cloth

      • Patented Technology

        Like no other product on the market

      • 100-Day Return Policy

      • Made in the U.S.A.

      In the box

      • 1 Set EAROS & 1 Set Small Triple-Flanged Ear Tips

        The Next Evolution in Hearing Protection

      • 1 Set Large Triple-Flanged Ear Tips

        For Those with Larger Ear Canals

      • 1 Set Foam Ear Tips

        For a More Universal Fit

      • 1 Carrying Case

        Made from Ocean-Recycled Plastic