Introducing EAROS:

Crafted by a team of audio and design experts from MIT, EAROS preserves your auditory experience with cutting-edge passive technology, delivering premium sound and protection—no batteries or charging needed. All made in the USA. EAROS allows you to communicate with friends while still enjoying the highs and the lows of the sound around you, all at a safer decibel level. 

Comfort - Patented Concha Tab

 The outer body of EAROS sits comfortably in the ear, even during an extended use of many hours. The outer edge of the product lays flush against the ear for a smooth fit. Concha Tab ensures product remains securely in place for full functionality.

Patented Serpentine Sound Bore

We've precisely engineered the sound bore to preserve pristine fidelity, ensuring you experience the full spectrum of sound frequencies, just as your ears perceive it.

Acoustic Filter

Our internal acoustic filter reduces the harmful decibels entering your ear canal, ensuring a safe and enjoyable listening experience.


Disposable earplugs end up in the trash and harming the environment after single use. EAROS is a highly durable, reusable, washable product that has value so it will not be thrown away.