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The Best Ear Plugs for Concerts are NOT Ear Plugs, they're EAROS ONE

We've all heard the conventional wisdom for how to protect your ears at loud concerts: Wear ear plugs! And yes, if hearing protection is your sole purpose, then plugging your ears with foam can absolutely help.

But here at EAROS, we also care about the music, the vibe, the people and the experience. In other words, the whole reason you went to the concert in the first place. And "ear plugs" are designed specifically to block the very organ that allows us humans to fully immerse ourselves in that experience.


Take the word "plug" itself. It means "to block or fill in (a hole or cavity)". With all the technology we have at our fingertips today, surely there is a better way to protect our ears than simply blocking them. 

Just think about our eyes -- when we want to protect them from the sun, we would never wear a blindfold, since that would block out all the light and prevent us from seeing. Instead, we wear sunglasses, which are both functional (protecting our eyes while allowing us to see) and fashionable.

When we built EAROS ONE, we had to solve a difficult challenge: how to reduce harmful decibels while maintaining clear, resonant sound quality across frequencies. To achieve this, we worked tirelessly alongside some of the world's leading audiologists, acousticians, and vibration engineers, including Acentech and the late Prof. Richard Lyon from MIT.

We developed a proprietary serpentine-shaped soundbore chamber to enhance resonance and fit flush against the ear in the concha tab for comfort and ease of insertion. We tested a multitude of filter materials to deliver the best balance of decibel reduction and audio quality. And our Chief Product Designer, Peter Ragonetti from the Pratt Institute, created a beautiful, sleek design that could be manufactured durably and cost-efficiently here in the USA.

So if you're looking for the best ear plugs for concerts, look beyond ear plugs and try EAROS ONE acoustic filters.

Be. Hear. Now.

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